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Bob grew up immersed in the cabinet industry. It all began with the invention of “pre-builts” in 1966. Contractors, homeowners and architects have been asking for Bob’s ideas and floor plans for many years, because they know that if Bob designs it – it will fit, and will be both functional and beautiful.

a picture of designer Bob Theroux
Senior lead kitchen and bath designer Adrienne Amore Russo


As a daughter of a prominent custom homebuilder, Adrienne was raised in the industry and at an early age, became intrigued with the business and began traveling to job sites with her father. After learning the business, she chose to specialize in kitchen & bath remodeling.  Thanks to her wide range of knowledge in construction, she has the ability to read architectural plans and discuss all aspects of the construction process with the contractor as well as design ideas with the homeowner thus translating into the homeowner’s vision.  Adrienne has been designing kitchens for many years and has a love of cooking which translates into how she designs homes.

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